Smart TV

Smart TV, unlike traditional televisions, is a type of television that can connect to the internet and allows you to watch and access various digital content. It is also called smart television or connected television.

Smart TVs provide internet access via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. In this way, you can access various streaming services (such as Digiturk Play Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+), video sharing platforms (such as YouTube, Vimeo), social media applications and other online content.

Smart TVs also have app stores. You can download various applications from these stores and use them on your TV. For example, games, news apps, music apps or weather apps.

However, Smart TVs can often integrate with other smart devices. For example, you can wirelessly stream content from your smartphone to your TV or control the TV with voice commands.

Smart TVs offer a richer television experience by combining online content and interactive features with the ability to watch broadcasts and channels offered by traditional televisions.

In conclusion, Smart TVs are a type of television that can connect to the internet and offer the possibility to watch and access a variety of digital content. In this way, users can easily access online content and applications on their televisions and improve their television viewing experience. Thanks to Smart TVs, you can watch Digiturk Play broadcasts in HD quality with the pleasure of big screen. Moreover, logging into the Digiturk Play application is quite simple. Download the Digiturk Play application to your phone and sign in to membership. Then in the Digiturk Play application on your Smart TV. Open the login section. Come to the entrance with the QR code on your phone and hold the camera to the QR code area on your TV. You will be logged into Smart TV instantly. Enjoy watching.