We follow the Super League and TFF 1 League matches with excitement on Digiturk Play. After the VAR control in the matches, the referee scores a goal, talks to VAR and gives a red card. So what is this VAR, how does it work, in this article we will try to give information about it.

VAR stands for The Video Assistant Referee. We can also translate it as Video Assistant Referee in Turkish. The Central Referee Board (MHK), one of the members of the Turkish Football Federation, appoints the VAR.

In the simplest terms, the VAR is a match official who reviews the decisions made by the referee. It is found in the AVAR, which works alongside the VAR. AVAR, The Assistant Video Assistant Referee, is a former or active duty referee who assists the VAR.

The main purpose of VAR is Minimum intervention, maximum benefit. In this way, very obvious errors and small errors that can be overlooked but that can affect the game are corrected.

VAR has 4 main issues to review.
1. Goal / No goal
2. Penalty / Not Penalty
3. Direct Red Card
4. Wrong decision when giving a red or yellow card

VAR and AVAR control the referee's decisions under these 4 main headings. If VAR reports this to the referee during control. This inspection is called the Silent Check. There is no pause in the game during silent control. While watching the match on Digiturk Play, you will sometimes see the referee talking to the VAR referees via headphones.

There are three possible situations that VAR has identified.
1. The referee's decision is overturned on the recommendation of the VAR. If you pay attention here, we state that it is on the recommendation of VAR. The VAR should be thought of as an advisory board, not a decision maker.

2. Field Inspection Recommended. (OFR) has taken its place in the literature as On-field review. OFR is done on the recommendation of VAR. OFR is applied when the ball is out of play or when play is stopped. The referee indicates that the OFR will be applied by drawing a rectangular mark for all to see. While we watch the match on Digiturk Play, we have the opportunity to watch this movement from different angles. Referee review area (RRA) is the English abbreviation for referee review area. The referee watches with slow motions to detect physical interventions and ball-to-hand contact. Exact and fast tracking is used to detect infringement of the rules of the game and handling of the ball. During the OFR, the VAR transmits a replay of the image at different camera angles to facilitate the referee's decision. When the OFR is completed, the referee returns to the field by making a rectangular signal for all to see. While going to the OFR, the game continues with the same decision with whichever decision was stopped, or if there is a change of decision after the referee watches the footage, the game continues in line with the new decision.

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